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Our tax office believs in building relationships with our clients and we view these relationships as long term partnerships.

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We are one of the fastest growing tax services providers helping our clients prepare their taxes how they want.
For almost five years now, we have been helpign our clients with their tax issues. Our Tax Office believes in building relationships with our clients and we view these relationships as partnerships. Our service is founded on the commitment, dedication and professionalism of our people. We strive to service our clients by adhering to our own standard of excellence. We are your source for personal tax help when you don't think your tax issues can be handled on yout own. We work round-the-clock and seven days a week, to ensure the taxpayer's problem is resolved, and that you are getting the exceptional help.

What is a taxable sale?

A taxable sale includes any transactions in which tittle or possesion of tangible personal property or the benefit of certain services is, or will be, transfered or provided for a price. All retial sales are subject to tax unless they are specifically excepted or exempted in sales tax law.

Can I get a refund if I overpay my tax?

When it comes to paying your tax bill, it’s understandable if you want to be cautious. For some, that means preparing their taxes early in the season to avoid a rush as the tax deadline approaches. For others, it might mean purposefully making an overpayment of taxes.

If you’re concerned that your calculations might be low or have other reasons for wanting to overpay your taxes, you can increase your payment to be on the safe side. To figure out how much to add, you can round up to the nearest hundred or nearest thousand.

What Are the Benefits If I Pay My Taxes Early?

While most people associate the tax deadline in April with paying taxes, U.S. taxes are set up so taxpayers pay tax throughout the year. They do this through withholding or estimated taxes. However, if you’ve underpaid taxes and are subject to an underpayment penalty, it can help to pay your taxes early — that is, before the April deadline.

So, how is it to your advantage to pay your taxes early? Any penalty due is based on the amount of your underpayment, assuming a payment date of April 15, 2019. If you pay the balance due plus penalty earlier than April 15, you reduce your penalty.

Individual Tax Prep

When you use our professional tax services, you get more than a collection of records and reports. You get the benefit of our skills, experience, and expertise.

Tax Resolution

The cost of a tax resolution can be very expensive and thus the advantage of being adequatley covered for this is more important now than ever.

Book Keeping

We’ll create and maintain a chart of accounts to capture all of your financial transactions, provide the right information to manage your business.

Credit Repair

We will help you fix bad credit reports, for whatever reason it deterioted in the first place. Circumstances such as identity theft may require extensive credit repair work.

Business Filing

Tax Mutual can assist you with your business’s corporate filings in Florida. Our service ensures that your business maintains good “Corporate Standing”

Business Services

From accounting to business incorporation, leverage our expertise and experience to get your business on the right part and help achieve the goals and objectives you’ve set for your business.

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